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Your Journey Continues

How many times do we find ourselves longing for the weekend? Once a month? Every week?

We work through the week and look to these days as the time to basically do as little as possible. We've earned it, right? At least that is what we tell ourselves to rationalize our decisions.

This isn't to say we should be as hard working over the weekend as we are during the week. By no means! I am suggesting that we look at the weekend as a continuation of our journey instead of an extended rest area.

Over this, or any, weekend, what can you do to continue down your path of better money habits? What if you decided to go out to a restaurant for a meal (provided it is budgeted for)? Could you continue your habit building by tracking that expense to your budget as soon as you got home if not right there in the restaurant? Could you resist the temptation to "take care of it on Monday?"

Perhaps you have a sudden opportunity to attend a party and they request you bring food. Could you continue your journey by looking at your budget and adding this new expense into a line item before you go shopping? What if this item takes you over your limit? Will you be able to decline the invitation?

Each of these examples are ways you can continue taking steps toward better money habits. They may be small steps, but they are still steps along your journey, bringing you even closer to your destination.

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