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Your Impact

So, say you have built your money house, solid foundation, sturdy walls, and a strong roof to hold them together. You may ask, what now?

Excellent question!

Now that you have your house in order, so to speak, what could you do? As an example, with your needs covered, how much of your leftover income is going to pay car loan(s), student loan(s), or credit card debt? Do you know how much interest you are being charged per month on these?

Whether the amount is $5 or $500, if those debts were paid in full, what could you do with that money instead?

Who could you bless by easing a temporary financial burden with a monetary gift?

Could you make a regular contribution to a local charity organization doing work you believe is vital and good for the community?

What about helping to fund artists or other creators who can make an impact on our culture in a positive way?

How about a regular donation to your church, if you have one?

These are all well and good, though perhaps you are thinking a bit more close to home. With your money house built and in order, could you spend less time working and more time pouring into the lives of your children, if you have any?

Once again, doing a budget, building your Money House, can help you feel at home and relaxed when looking at money and spending. No longer do you need to feel imprisoned by restrictive limits on your dreams and desires. Instead, you have set up boundaries to help keep you focused on the more critically important things. I know it has helped me and my family live more free. If you put in the effort, you can have the same.

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