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You've Given and Saved, Now What?

We've talked this week about giving some of your hard-earned money away to support others or causes you believe in. Then we discussed saving for emergencies so you don't have to run to credit cards or other debt in the middle of a very stressful situation.

You've given and saved your money, what else should you do with it?

This is where the fun part of being disciplined with money comes in. You get to spend it!

Once you know how much you need for your necessities, any other money left over in your budget is yours to spend as you see fit! Want a family vacation to somewhere on the other side of the country? You can budget for that!

Been wanting a 4-wheeler as a fun outdoor toy on the weekends? You can budget for it and then buy it!

Like eating healthy or exercising, money discipline allows for the fun of what you really want most instead of anything and everything that catches your eye.

Want to surprise your spouse with a nice dinner out at a fancy restaurant? Your financial discipline can give you the freedom to do that without a moment's hesitation. Because you know you can afford it.

Tell me, what will you budget for this week?

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