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You're Not Alone

In some of my conversations, it comes out that one or both of us feels alone in some of our thoughts and questions. For example, you may feel you are the only one that seems to live paycheck to paycheck. I can assure you that is not the case at all. In fact, recent articles have been highlighting the fact that people making six figure incomes still live paycheck to paycheck!

That is surprising to hear. At least for me, most of the time I'm thinking those that look like they have it all together, do have it all together. The simple truth is the odds are not in favor of that assumption.

Several years ago a survey was done of American households. It found that 76% of them lived paycheck to paycheck! Three-fourths of all households in America will have a problem if even one paycheck is late or doesn't arrive at all! That is a sobering thought to me. The sobering news doesn't stop there. in 2021 also did a survey and found that only 68% of American households can afford just a $400 emergency. That may not even cover a new set of tires for your car!

Whatever you are feeling about your own financial situation, know you aren't alone. Plenty of people and families are struggling with the same questions and difficulties. Not everyone will reach out for guidance or be comfortable acknowledging this lack of information. I challenge and encourage you to not continue in that fear. Reach out to someone, a friend, trusted family member, or even me. Sharing your fears and questions can go a long way to helping you not feel alone.

You may even be further encouraged and challenged to do things differently for the better!

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