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Why A Coach?

You may ask yourself, why do I need a coach in my life at all, let alone a money coach?

Excellent question. If we look at hiring a coach of any type as a "need," the answer would likely be that you don't need a coach in your life. Most of us are capable of navigating life just fine figuring things out for ourselves. We lean on friends and family for their experience and make decisions on how we will follow or disregard that advice.

In sports, a player can get along just fine without a coach. A player can learn from watching professionals play the sport and learn as much as he can from that experience. However, due to being young, and by definition inexperienced, there will be only so far a player can grow without some outside guidance.

Still, the player doesn't "need" a coach to play well or learn the game at her own pace. The difference comes in what that player's goals are and how to reach them. Players can see, based on their stated goals, whether or not they are progressing quickly enough to those goals to reach them in a timely manner. Namely, while they are still young and able to play at the best of their ability.

Someone looking to play in the NFL, NBA, or qualify for Olympic trials of all sorts will likely look to someone with experience to help them understand the path to those goals. A coach has likely seen or walked that path before. The coach can explain the steps needed to get there and challenge the player to take on the discipline needed to reach those goals.

That is why someone will hire a coach. Whether for sports, health, life, money, or any other area, having someone there to show you the steps to reach your goals and challenge you to get there is the true value of a coach. A good coach will not let you shy away from hard truths just because it is easier. A good coach should tell you the truth about your situation, especially if you aren't willing to face that truth yourself.

If you have found that you aren't reaching your goals as quickly as you want because you seem to have continuous distractions divert you off the path, perhaps it's time to hire a coach. It will cost some time and money. It will also be one step in keeping you on the path to your goals, whatever they may be. Perhaps ask yourself, what would you be willing to pay to reach your dreams sooner?

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