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Which Will You Choose?

Earlier this week I challenged you to remember fun vacations that followed you home. Vacations that had to be paid off over a period of time after all the fun was done.

Then I challenged you to use your imagination to envision what a paid for vacation might feel like.

What was it like thinking about those two things this week?

What, if any, things did you consider that you hadn't before?

Which of these options sounds better to you after this week?

As we head into the weekend, my challenge for you is to choose which of these approaches you want to be true in the future. Do you choose to pursue vacations as something else to put on the credit card? Do you choose to plan ahead and pay for the vacation ahead of time?

For me, my choice is to pay for the vacation ahead of time. I will no longer have a great experience soured afterward by having to be repaid over months or perhaps years. I know it has made a world of difference coming back home knowing that fact.

So, again, what will you choose?

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