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Where Is Some Food I Can Eat?

For those of us with children, the evening meal time can sometimes be stressful. Especially when trying to be more financially responsible! If the kids aren't already hungry, they may have become connoisseurs of your epicurean efforts, insisting that they don't like any option you are willing to provide.

During these times, the temptation to go the "easy" route of going out to fast food or ordering in is almost unbearable. It seems so easy to get something that the kids won't complain about, involves significantly less dishes to clean, and absolves you of the work of cooking as well.

Going out or ordering in does all of these things, but at the cost of your future habits and prosperity.

Instead, the next time this situation arises, I challenge you to take a few minutes, step back from the situation, and truly consider what should be done. Will you again go with the easy, expensive option to appease your tiny tyrants? Or will you take charge of the situation, cook up something tasty and inexpensive, helping preserve your progress toward financial freedom?

The choice is always yours.

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