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When The Bowl Overfloweth

Today I would like to share a personal story.

We went out to town as a family to show the kids a place they've never seen, get some milk, and pick up dinner from a restaurant. All went well in fact, except for the kids wanting to stay at the amusement facility we visited. We even brought home not just milk, but cookies too!

After we got home, we watched a movie as a family while we ate dinner. Again, everything was going so well. It came time for the kids to get ready for bed and our son went to get changed and brush his teeth. He started saying things about the carpet and how wet it was. I was too busy trying to get everyone else to do what they needed to do so I didn't pay much heed at first.

When I finally went to check on our son, I was first shocked to see footprints in the carpet. That was odd, almost like someone else was in the house. So I went to one of the rooms the footprints seemed to lead, and that is when my socks suddenly started soaking up water. The carpet was saturated with water from the bathroom.

We all sprang into action getting every towel we had onto the carpet and into the bathroom so I could diagnose the problem. Long story short, the toilet bowl had been overflowing for at least as long as we had been out of the house! As much as perhaps three and a half hours! I fixed the issue with the toilet and we continued using towels to soak up the water.

Thankfully, we didn't have to worry too much about the damage that might be caused. Because we have an emergency fund for just this kind of thing. We weren't pressured into worrying about what we were going to do. Instead, we focused on soaking up water into towels and having fun with it. Dancing jigs, finding even more towels, marveling at how heavy towels soaked with water in a hamper can truly be!

What sort of random events in your life have been stressful because you weren't sure how to pay to fix it? In our case, I know we have the money to fix the floor, toilet, or whatever else. It truly does remove the stress and turn an emergency into an inconvenience.

Is it time to take action to build your emergency fund? Remove the stress of these events from your life? If so, then I encourage you to take action today. The sooner you start down a new path, the sooner you can reach your new destination.

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