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Vacation Hangovers?

Have you ever, or perhaps how many times have you, gone on vacation, only to have the cost of that vacation follow you home afterward? Today I'm asking you to look back over those times. Remember how much fun the freedom from normal responsibilities was?

Getting up as late in the morning as you dared.

Staying up as late (or early) as you felt like.

Ordering dessert because "you're on vacation!"

Did you also happen to put all of that on a credit card?

Did all that fun follow you home and the Monday after you return you start realizing what you had done financially?

Are you still paying off some of that fun 6 months or a year later? How much extra interest are you paying on that vacation? Does it add stress to your planning of your next great escape? Or just encourage you to let loose even more?

Much of this is all too normal for many people and families today. We work so hard to earn our time off, but then we use it in ways that causes more stress later.

For the next two days, I encourage you to take some time to remember the fun, but also the challenge that paying for all that fun was once you returned. On Wednesday, let's talk about how you can change that so your next vacation doesn't give you that dreadful money hangover.

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