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Vacation Freedom

Since I've challenged you to remember vacation fun but also the challenge of paying it all off (if you put it on credit cards), today I'd like to challenge you to use your imagination.

My favorite contemporary author points out that imagination is an organ of perception, like the eye. Let's use that today to perceive what it would look like to have a vacation paid for before going for a change!

Imagine you've been relaxing on a Hawaiian beach for a week. The surf resounds off the sand and itself, almost washing over you with the soothing flow of the saline water. You've not wanted for anything. Food, drinks, excursions into the crystal waters, have all been yours over the past week. Tomorrow, you leave for your normal life again.

Waking up the next morning, you get ready, pack your things, and check out of the hotel room. You arrive at your flight with time to spare and board easily. Landing brings you back to your home city where you pick up your car and travel back to your humble abode. That night brings more peaceful sleep.

All the while, you aren't thinking about how you will pay this vacation. You aren't thinking about what you will have to sacrifice to make the minimum payments or how long you will be doing that for. This vacation was planned and paid for before you even left for the airport. Everything you did was purposeful and intentional. As was returning home with no extra debt burden.

Use your imagination to answer this question, how would that feel?

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