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Unexpected Cash Flow

The past year and a half have been unprecedented in at least my lifetime. That is no secret nor a great revelation. Many of us have had infusions of cash directly from the federal government (here in the US) that was either needed due to lost jobs or was an influx in excess of normality.

In the former case, the money was likely necessary to help avoid piling on crushing credit card or personal loan debt just to keep food on the table or the lights on. This is a good use of that money. Taking care of oneself and one's own family is one of the highest responsibilities we have. If you used it to avoid taking on extra debt and thus hurting your own recovery, rest assured the money was well spent.

In the latter case, the excess money could be very tempting. Many people saved that money, others used it for investments, still others used it for travel. Whatever you ended up using your money for, was it intentional? Or was it spent toward a particular thing mostly because you could? If your family's needs are already taken care of, do you have an intentional plan for what extra money can be use for?

In either case, taking time to think about what you want to be moving toward with regard to your financial future is vitally important. Are you moving toward a monthly budget plan so you know what you need to survive and thrive? Are you moving toward a plan where you save for your future in retirement or kids' college?

I encourage you to think over the next day or two about what do you and your family want. What are your goals? Your dreams? What does your bright future look like?

Perhaps 2022 will be the time you start moving more intentionally to creating your new future.

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