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Torn Feet

What was the longest distance you ever had to walk or run on foot? Was it in school for physical education class? Was it during a track and field meet? Did you ever have to walk across your town to get to work?

We aren't used to walking very long distances. It is much easier to hop into a car and drive, even to a place that may be just down the street. That is a good thing, however, we can forget that it is as necessary to have reliable transportation as it is to have a roof over our head or clean water to drink.

Transportation is one of the four walls of a budget that needs to be funded before anything else. Even if your transportation is a bus pass, a bicycle, or sharing the gas bill while carpooling with coworkers or friends. Granted, there are some people who do live close enough to work and other necessities that walking is an option. This is not for them.

For those of us with cars, it isn't just gas that is needed to keep the car running. What about keeping it in smooth running order? What about repairs that are inevitably necessary? New tires? How will you handle those expenses?

I encourage you to plan these expenses into your budget. How much easier would it be to put an extra $50 every month for say, new tires? At the end of a year you have saved $600 toward a new set! What if you put $100 away each month for repairs? Wouldn't you be able to afford a $1200 repair by the end of the year with just cash?

Consider these options as you build your budget. You may be surprised how much less stress you feel about a car when you have intentionally planned for it's use and maintenance.

Your feet will also be quite grateful!

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