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Have you ever been so thirsty you would consider drinking almost anything?

I am grateful I have never gotten to that place. Through childhood and adulthood, I've never gone without water for so long that I had such thoughts.

Indeed that is the goal. We don't think of it much during the day-to-day, but the water bill represents another of our survival needs. How often do we take for granted that when we turn on the faucet, clean drinkable water comes out. There exists an entire infrastructure that takes water from all kinds of sources and purifies, filters, and pumps it out to our homes.

What about when you flip on a light switch? Turn your temperature control a little bit higher or lower? The heater(s) and air conditioning you use also are a protection against the elements. Without them, even your home would be possibly too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer for you to thrive.

This is why we place a high priority on utility expenses in our budget. They represent survival. One cannot survive or thrive to one's greater potential if you cannot satisfy these needs.

When building your budget, remember the importance of ensuring your utility expenses are paid for. Doing so should bring you one step closer to the freedom of knowing you have all your needs covered for the next month.

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