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The Weekend Approaches

We find ourselves at the end of another week. The glorious weekend approaches with promises of rest and recharge. We all look forward to the time when we can have a couple of days to do whatever we want instead of what we do to earn a living. This is true even if your "weekend" is in the middle of the week so you can work on Saturday and Sunday.

Have you taken time to plan out how you will stick to your money goals through the weekend? With rest and time to ourselves we can let our work ethic falter. It is much easier to watch football all weekend than to consider ahead of time how our weekend will support our future money goals. It feels good to go out to eat at a restaurant on a whim, though if you are working to get your debt payments and budget under your thumb, a meal out doesn't help.

I encourage you to take some time even today to think about what your weekend will look like. How will you structure it to support your goals? When the temptation to do something expensive and fun comes up, what will you do to counter it? Or is the expensive and fun thing now more important than the secure money future you are building toward?

These are important questions to answer if you are serious about taking control of your money future. If you don't prepare, you may find yourself lacking defenses when the temptations come again.

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