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The Easter Budget

Easter once again approaches. Races, candy, and time spent hard boiling then coloring eggs shall happen next week in force. All of this time will be well spent with family and friends.

Has Easter had a place in your budget this year?

Do you struggle with figuring out how to buy the eggs, coloring mix, and candy?

Today, I'd like to encourage you to test how deep the foundation of your Money House is set. How committed are you to living on less than you make?

Are you willing to sit down and intentionally place an Easter category in your budget? Will you account for the money you want to spend by pulling it out of other categories? Will you further commit to sticking to the new limits should you make these changes?

When you make these changes to stick to your commitment, you are saying yes to both the thing you want now (Easter) and what you want most (your next goal). By moving money from one category to another, provided it isn't one of your bigger goals, you are safeguarding that goal while also prioritizing this time with family.

This likely would have been easier had it been done at the beginning of the month, though now is better than never. Though perhaps this experience will encourage you to consider more activities and holidays that "come up" in the next months.

Again, there is no shame in wanting to have a great Easter with family. I encourage you to test your Money House foundation and work Easter into your budget if you have not already.

You may find the results are sweeter long after the candy is all gone.

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