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So You Missed Out...

How many opportunities to make large sums of money easily do you feel you missed out on?

One, five, two thousand?

I know I have missed many of them myself. Questions come up like:

"What if I'd invested in Amazon while it was still a book seller?"

"Didn't I know that Tesla was going to make it big?"

"Why didn't I buy Bitcoin when it was only worth hundreds of dollars?"

I find myself asking these questions when I'm in a mindset where I want things to just be easier. Perhaps I'm physically or mentally exhausted from a busy week. Maybe it is out of a desire to spend time doing what I feel I'm better at without worrying about money. I believe these thoughts mostly come from a desire to have "arrived" or "finally be done" with work or just managing money.

However, these things will never happen truly. If we feel we have "arrived," it tends to be fleeting as we may not recognize it until some time after it happened! Like breathing, we will never truly "finally be done" with working to earn or to serve. We all still have lessons to learn and opportunities to be of service to each other each and every day.

Instead of wishing you had "gotten it right" or "hit it big," perhaps you should focus on building your Money House and having that safe sanctuary to rest and recover. Build a place that allows yourself to rest knowing all your basic needs are covered. Knowing the plan you have embarked on and the goal you are striving to reach can also help you push these "missing out" fears out of your mind.

Besides, by focusing too much on these areas of "missing out," are you missing out on the joys and moments that are happening around you each and every day? Personally, I believe those things would be worse to miss out on.

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