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Shelter From Bear Markets

Looking at the stock market today, one can see that it is down almost 5,000 points since the last high point in January of 2022. This can be distressing to watch, especially for those that remember how the market went down during 2008. It is tempting to get fearful of the situation and want to make possibly drastic changes to "protect" investments from further losses. However, the real danger is keeping your thoughts mired in the middle of this storm instead of having a refuge to retreat to and think things over.

While the current market situation is less than ideal and any investments, retirement or otherwise, may look rather distressing, they are not the end. What if you knew all your immediate physical needs were covered? What if you had all you needed to not just survive, but also thrive while the market does it's thing? Wouldn't that feel like having a warm home in the middle of a storm?

Having a well-built Money House can be that refuge. Instead of fretting over what the market will do today, tomorrow, or even next month, you can rest and take your mind away from it. Instead, you can focus on what you can do today. Today you can have food and shelter for yourself and your family. Today you can set aside money to take a vacation later and not owe money for it. Today you may even be able to take the family out to dinner stress-free. All of this can help you take your mind off the market's current moment.

Taking refuge away from your worries about the future is just one of the benefits of building your Money House. If you don't already have one built, is it time to start? If so, let's talk about your situation and what steps you can take to start building it.

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