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Serving Others

To follow on from Monday, The Honor Of Business, I will ask the question, where does the honor in business come from?

As Rabbi Daniel Lapin would likely agree, the honor comes from serving others. All business is service, at it's core. Whether you are the barista making a smooth cup of coffee for someone to start their day with, to the hotel owner that provides weary travelers with accommodations, to the warehouse worker packaging the online purchases of hundreds of other people a week. Each is employed in serving others and thus providing value.

What follows is a lesson that I am still learning, how does one increase the group of people they serve?

I posit to you, as I practice myself, the answer is to get to know more and more people in your community. When I say get to know, I mean truly be interested in them. As we are taught in Business Networking International groups, act like a true host. Ask interesting questions about the other person. Begin to understand their business, their motivations, their passions. They may not be a good client or customer for you, though they may have connections that are.

As the saying goes, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

I encourage you to build more relationships as well as foster the relationships you already have. Focus on serving others. You may find you are benefitted two-fold. One by better referral opportunities, and two by the great feeling you get when you know you have served other people well.

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