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Securing Your Foundation

Welcome to 2022 my friends! Today we start off the first full week of the new year. Our devotion to our resolutions remains strong today. I'm confident a great many of you will succeed in keeping your resolutions this week without fail.

What about managing your money more effectively in 2022? Is it about time you were the one telling your money what to do instead of the other way around? If so, then let's get started on how you can begin building your new plan going forward!

First, your plan needs a foundation. When new construction begins, very often they dig into the ground before they lay the foundation. This is done to help secure the foundation against things like floods and wind storms. If the foundation sits on top of the ground, the top soil can carry the building away if it were to be flooded. Similarly, with a building secured to a buried foundation, the wind cannot easily blow the house out of the earth's embrace. Pouring the foundation within the ground guards against such possibilities.

Your budget is the same. It should be based on a strong foundation sunk into the ground as not to be washed away by the storms of life. The foundation is the concept of living on less than you make. How deep it is secured is how deep your commitment is to this concept. If you are so-so about living on less than you make, then it is like building a house on top of the ground, in a floodplain, as some guy named Noah is warning against a 40-day and 40-night flood. Not good.

Deepening your commitment to living on less than you make secures the foundation of your budget. It helps you feel confident in your plan more and more as it changes less and less in the future. That way, when storms of life come through, your budget can stand strong thanks to your deep conviction and commitment to it's success.

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