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Questioning Yourself

Have you ever taken the opportunity to remove yourself from all distractions, and ask yourself really good questions? To really investigate why you think or feel the way you do about many things?

It can be quite an eye-opening experience when you start using your brain to find answers to questions about yourself. In the book Afformations, author Noah St. John explains how our brain is a miraculous search engine. It can bring up memories and thoughts incredibly fast based on the prompts or questions we ask it.

During this season of rest and renewal with family and friends. Perhaps it's time to sit and start asking yourself good, inquisitive questions. Questions like:

What do I think about when family comes to visit? Why is that?

How do I act around my friends that is different from my family? What is the reason for this?

I encourage you not to use this as a judgment session against yourself. Come to this prepared and inquisitive about what answers you may find, not what you fear to learn about yourself. Knowing yourself can be a first step in moving in a new direction.

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