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Point of No Return

Many people, at some point, have considered or gone through the bankruptcy process. I can imagine how it can feel to have to humble yourself enough to ask a lawyer for help declaring bankruptcy from your current debts.

Personally, I feel bankruptcy should be avoided as much as possible. It destroys your credit score for a number of years, can put the legal system in charge of your financial decisions, and overall reminds you that you have made significant mistakes with money. There can be a lot of shame associated with that even as some notable figures may celebrate bankruptcies as ways that allowed them to be successful.

If you have declared bankruptcy and are working through it, I congratulate you on taking a hard road to a better future! Shaming those who are taking steps to make a better future for themselves is not productive. I challenge you to take a hard look at your finances on paper. Build a budget to account for your necessities and responsibilities. Stick to that budget so you can diligently work through the bankruptcy process and build strong money management habits at the same time.

Should you consider bankruptcy, I encourage you to slow down a little bit and also take another hard look at your finances. Building your own budget may show you a path forward that makes bankruptcy unnecessary. If so, then sticking to it can build the same strong money management habits and help prevent you from feeling the need to declare bankruptcy in the future.

Either way, having and following a budget can be extremely helpful to you. If you would like some help building and sticking to a budget, schedule a complimentary consultation with me at my link below:

Let's talk more about your situation together and how a budget can help you stay on the path forward instead of sliding backward.

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