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October Begins

One month ended and another begins.

With a new month comes a new budget. October brings with it a couple of extra expenses though! I wonder, have you done the following yet?

- Discussed October's budget with yourself or your spouse?

- Planned for how much candy you will get?

- Planned for Halloween costumes for your kids (or yourselves?)

- Allocated extra Starbucks money for that sweet, sweet Pumpkin Spice?

Starting a month off strong involves making sure your plan is in place before the month began. Having your budget already laid out for October will help you take each day as it comes and more easily stay within your limits.

If you haven't had these conversations yet, I challenge you to do them today or this weekend. Get on the same page with your spouse if married or just yourself if single. The more you understand what you are shooting for this month, the better you should be able to track toward that goal each and every day!

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