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How much of your day is taken up by social media, constantly scrolling through your Facebook feed, perusing the latest hot takes on Twitter, or consuming reel after reel of other people's best lives on Instagram? How much of this time is used to gather wisdom or information that can better your own life?

I ask these questions, fully knowing you are likely reading this on a social media site!

As you are scrolling through seeing the best highlight reels of everyone you are tangentially related or befriended to, how many times do you wish you were at the same place, or doing the same things, or having the same meals as the people sharing?

Unfortunately, in order to do/travel/share all of the experiences you see, you will likely need Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates amounts of money and more than 24 hours in a day! That is to say, it will be impossible.

Instead, I challenge you to focus on what you can do today to make you a better person than you were yesterday. Cut out the noise of social media giving you feelings of inadequacy or jealousy. Memories can be made simply by having a meal with your family around the dining table. It is more personal and engaging than anything they may get from social media.

After all, what do you stand to lose by avoiding more social media noise? What do you stand to gain?

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