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Next Steps

Do you find yourself frustrated that you aren't where you think you should be?

I feel that way more often than I like to admit. I wonder why I'm not already where I think I should be 5 or even just 1 year down the road. It's frustrating!

During these times, I must remind myself that instead of wallowing in pity about where I'm not, I should be focusing on taking the next step forward to where I want to be. Whatever that next step is. Perhaps it is attending the next business networking event. Perhaps it is focusing on helping my family get well if we are sick.

Sometimes, it means to stop and be still for a few moments to think before taking the next step forward.

As you are walking through life, if you find yourself discouraged about where you are versus where you think you should be, I encourage you to focus on just the next step. Take just the next step forward. Focus on making that reality. Then focus on making the next step reality. Break down your destination into more manageable milestones.

Even if the next step is to move to the side and rest for a time, keep focusing on that next step forward. You may find that when the focus is on the present, and not the destination, you can be more satisfied with your progress forward. When you have reached that new milestone, breathe in and acknowledge your success.

Then take the next step forward.

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