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Letting It Go

Uncertain economic times come around from time to time. There is indeed a cycle to these things. Our money fortunes rise for a time, then fall for a time. In one part of the year we may be flush with cash and income. Another part of the year we feel we are struggling to get by. Often we first think to start holding more of our money closer to our chest, afraid of letting it go. This seems right at the time, though it usually comes from a place of fear.

During these low times in cycles, not just those who are employed are having difficult times. Those organizations that depend on your generosity are also hit terribly hard. As we clutch and hang onto what we are able gain during downturns, we tend to stop being generous.

This reinforces our mindset that we don't and won't have enough and must hang onto dear life for what "little" we do have. The thing is, while we are focused on our own hands and what is in them, we aren't looking around as much for new opportunities. If you aren't looking, you certainly are less likely to find new and promising ventures.

Continuing to be generous and give especially during hard economic times can help you shift your mindset. This process, this generosity, can help you to look up from your own hands to consider the circumstances around you more regularly. The more you are present and searching, the more likely you will be to see and be able to seize new opportunities.

Consider today moving away from the fear and uncertainty by challenging yourself to continue your giving commitments or begin a new one if you don't have any. If you do, ensure that you aren't giving more than you can truly bear. Ensure your basic needs are always covered as well as your other responsibilities. Also if this is new to you, I would encourage you not to give more than 10% of your monthly income in any given month. This way you can help move into a new mindset and still be secure that you will still have food on the table tomorrow.

Not only will you be blessing those serving your community and others, you may just end up serving yourself at the same time.

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