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Letting It All Go

This week I have been convicted to really do something quite different for me. I've been convicted to change my behavior by just letting go of all the things I think I should feel or think.

Throughout my adult life, I've thought and felt that things should go and be certain ways. The team I root for should win. My job should be a certain way. My children should act differently than they do. After so long, if none of this seems to have made my life happier or more joyful, why do I continue?

Continuing in that way of thinking would be exercising the axiom that doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity! This week I have begun to make this change.

I repeat to myself over and over again throughout the day to "let it all go." Especially when new thoughts creep in about how something should be going or what I should be getting. Repeating this over and over to help calm myself down for one, and ingrain the pattern of thought for two.

Overall, just for this week, I have noticed a difference. I'm more mentally flexible to adapt to changes. New challenges arise daily and I'm not as prone to being angry at them. This has helped me focus more on my work and how to accomplish it better.

As we move into a new weekend, I encourage you to look at your thoughts to see if there is anything you hold on to that hasn't helped you be more joyful. If there is, perhaps it is time for you to let that thing go too.

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