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Knowledge vs Understanding

Let's do a bit of comparison from the topics this week, knowledge and understanding.

Knowledge forms the basis of good thinking. Facts, information, skills acquired through experience. These are building blocks that we use to move into higher processes of thinking. Like bricks or wood used to make the steps as well as we go higher and higher.

Understanding or wisdom is the application of the facts, information, and skills we obtain to desirable ends. Even though one knows a tomato is a fruit, putting it in a fruit salad would sour the experience for everyone. Though sometimes we don't gain that wisdom until we use our knowledge of fruit to give this a try!

This week I have encouraged you to gain both as much knowledge and wisdom as you can. More than that, I suggest making it a life-long process. Learning, trying, analyzing, trying again, on and on until you have built a life's worth of wisdom to share.

Then as you share, be open to new knowledge and wisdom from others' experiences too. They have lived differently than you and who knows what joy you may gain from them!

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