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Knowing Your Limitations

Yesterday I had a harsh reminder of my age and general level of fitness. We took the family to a local trampoline park and I decided to bounce with the kids. This particular place has a warped wall where you run up a curved wall about 8-10 feet high. You are supposed to jump and grab onto the top then pull yourself up.

Well I didn't. I ended up slamming my right foot hard on the wall somehow and it hurt. As the day went on, it hurt more and more. We were able to get home, but by then it hurt so bad I could barely limp. This is why my post is later today than it would have been normally.

How often do we over-extend ourselves financially not knowing exactly how bad it will be for us? What money pain has stuck with you for days after poor decisions that seemed like good ideas at the time? How can you track what your limits are effectively?

Just like my nerves are good indicators for when I am about to overdo it, a budget will help you see when you are about to over-extend and cause yourself financial pain. I now have a very painful reminder next time I think it is a good idea to act like a teenager. With a budget that has been fine-tuned over several months that you reference regularly, you can set yourself up to avoid money misery in the future.

If you want to start building better budgeting habits in the coming new year, schedule a complimentary consultation with me today. Start your new year off right building better money habits instead of continuing to suffer through the holiday hangover from Christmas!

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