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Just One Thing

There is sage wisdom circulating around leadership books and mentors. It focuses around eliminating the noise around us and the busyness we get ourselves wrapped up in.

Just do one thing today.

This doesn't mean you do the one thing and then you are done for the day of all work. Not at all. It does mean that you will give extreme focus and energy into this one thing to do it well until it is done. It can be simple things like folding the laundry to bigger things like digging holes to secure a foundation for a new shed in the back yard.

With money, the same principle can apply to focusing on your own habits. Here are some examples of one thing you can do today:

  1. Track your spending from your store trip.

  2. Add a proper emergency fund contribution line item to your budget.

  3. Schedule your budgeted debt payment(s).

None of these things are wildly complicated or outside the realm of your expertise. If you have never done any of these before, then perhaps now is the time to start. Giving your whole focus to even these simple tasks can open your mind up to new possibilities. You track the spending from a store trip today, then realize it is so easy you can track your utilities spending too! If you can track your utilities spending, why not your mortgage or rent? Before too much longer, you have set yourself up to track everything you spend.

Who knows what else you might be able to accomplish after you do just one thing well today.

What is the one thing you will do well today?

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