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Is It All Downhill?

I've written before about down or bear markets. Though it seems life today is filled with less than stellar news about everything. The economy, gas prices, inflation, falling cryptocurrency, or wars in other parts of the world all contribute to a feeling that things are just rolling downhill out of control.

Whether that is the case or not, what we can do individually doesn't change. Our responsibilities to our families, friends, customers, and/or coworkers should drive us to face the reality and build our own solutions. One way we can do this is by keeping ourselves more grounded in the reality around us.

How might one do that anyway? I've written before about how a budget allows you to bring your fears and anxieties into reality to be dealt with. The same is true during uncertain times. Instead of letting fear cloud your vision of the future, start clarifying that future by writing your more immediate responsibilities down.

Do you have family? Write your responsibilities to them down in a journal or just on some paper.

Do you have coworkers? Document what responsibilities you have to them.

Do you have customers? Jot down ways that you might help your customers navigate these uncertain times.

When we let that fog of uncertainty fill our vision, we are almost compelled to sit still. Our drive to make a difference or continue forward is diminished with the fear of what we can't see. We may even believe we are justified in waiting for someone to come "rescue" us from this situation.

Unlike natural fog, this cloudiness can be dispelled by our own intentional actions. I encourage you to take steps this week to fight off the uncertainty and understand how you can be of more service today to others. While you may be able to dispel the fog around you, others may not feel they are able and could benefit from your experience.

You may find that focusing more on what can be done around you also helps you deal with the things you cannot control.

Whatever you decide to do, I pray you have a blessed week!

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