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In The Negative Zone

Have you ever taken your bank account negative?

It is a strange place to be in life where you see a "-" sign next to an account balance. More stress gets involved when you start thinking how are you going get it positive again, but also pay off any short-term loans you took to get it there!

The fear and stress of such a situation can be daunting. This is compounded if you feel like you are the only person in this situation. Everyone else seems to have all the money they need. They rarely, if ever, talk about mistakes they have made or money fears they may have. You may start to feel like a broken tree in the middle of healthy forest.

First, you are not alone. More people than you may think have money struggles. Whether it is over drafting accounts, using credit cards irresponsibly, or any number of other issues, most people have had or currently deal with financial struggles.

Second, your situation is not hopeless. I understand that it can feel that way a lot of the time. Nevertheless, you can recover from your past money mistakes. It will be difficult and require behavior changes you will likely find uncomfortable in the moment. In the end, building stronger, more responsible money habits will bring you out of your current situation and into a brighter future.

Lastly, look for someone who can help you build yourself out of your current situation. Someone who can listen empathetically to what you have going on and help you see the path forward. Many people will offer quick, one-line advice without much follow-up. Look and find someone who will walk with you through the entire process and even celebrate with you as you accomplish your milestone goals.

The path ahead will be long and difficult. There is no shame in not walking the path alone.

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