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At some point or another, we all struggle with impulsiveness. The desires of the moment seem to override and temporarily wipe from our memory the greater goals and aspirations we have. These are frustrating times to be in because there is something you want later more than what you want now, but the now is significantly louder in the moment.

How might we be more ready for battle in these instances? Ready to overcome the momentary desires in favor of the greater ones? I have a suggestion.

One way to fight your own impulses is to have reminders of what you are striving for. For example, I challenge my clients to write down their goals on something they can attach to a thing or place in their house they will see each and every day. The repetition of this can help shift your mindset more toward the longer term goal and away from the short-term. In this way we also help fight how we can "forget" about our greater goals in the moments we are tempted to sabotage them even just a little bit.

What are your greater money goals? Saving more? Sending more to retirement accounts? Reducing spending? I suggest you write them down, bring them into reality, and place them somewhere you will see them consistently. A daily reminder can go a long way to helping you stay on track and avoid the shame of stepping off of your path forward, no matter how temporarily.

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