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Guidelines to Life Change

Guard rails.

Swim lanes.

Caution tape.

All of these things have something in common. They are meant to keep you focused on the path ahead, not on things to the side.

Guard rails prevent you from walking or driving off an edge of a path or road.

Swim lanes keep the swimmer focused on the path to victory.

Caution tape let's you know that what is beyond it is likely hazardous and not worth your momentary attention.

Many times we think of these things as unfairly limiting. They prevent us from taking "our own path" forward. In some ways this is true. You may disregard them and be the one-in-a-million person that finds a brand new, life-changing path that was hidden before. Chances are you won't though, by definition! Even worse, in doing so, you lose valuable progress along the path you had already chosen.

Budgets are the same way. They provide guidelines to help you stay on the path to changing your life. Guard rails against financial distractions that keep you from the steady progress of building your dreams. Swim lanes that keep you from seeing the progress of others so you aren't distracted from your own race. Caution tape that reminds you of where your focus should be.

The next time you start to think of a budget as limiting or stifling, remember it's purpose is to keep you focused on the path ahead. Continue this focus so you can move into a new, changed, more intentional life than you had before.

I'm confident that you will be glad you did.

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