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For The Nerds

Today I'd like to address the nerds.

The ones that look at numbers and formulas and see a connection with the reality around them.

Efficiency and effectiveness are their calling cards.

Nerds tend to be the ones that seem to obsess over the numbers. The budget is something they look to a little too often for some people's tastes. Tracking expenses and monitoring spending against defined limits helps them feel like they are "on track" to accomplish whatever financial goal they have set up.

I myself am a nerd. My profession is a software engineer so I care a lot about data. We nerds though can get so absorbed into the numbers and budgets that we neglect to look up and around at our lives. Our families sometimes can feel restricted and lonely because we are in our own little worlds driving everyone to the "end goal." We convince ourselves we are doing this for them, but we must admit that, at some level, we dive in to escape.

Our families and friends should be able to see and know us for who we are. It makes us better people to have courage and face whatever fears drive us to live in the numbers instead of in reality.

While we shouldn't give up on our talents to drive spectacular results, we should take time to look up every now again, put the data down, get up and live.

Live well, fellow nerds!

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