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For the Free Spirits

Today I'd like to address the free spirits.

The ones who yearn to explore and be unburdened by schedules and tasks.

Spontaneity and variety are their calling cards.

Free spirits tend to want to not be bogged down by the details. They want the freedom to strike out at a moment's notice for something new and exciting. Trying to look at, understand, and follow a plan toward a set goal seems restricting to them. Free spirits, if they tolerate a budget, would look at it as a necessary means to an end of being more free to do the things they really want to do.

Exploring at one's whim is exciting. Adventure resides in that which is new. Too much wandering though can take you far away from the place you truly want to be. Free spirits can be so caught up in living life that they lose sight of the future and where they would like to be in 10 or even 20 years. Before long, they may find themselves in retirement but without the savings that will carry them through.

The adventure and freedom a free spirit craves can be built into your plan for the future. You can decide to put money aside and build it up so you have a large stash later. By saving now, you are making an agreement with your future self that you will do more amazing things later. Who knows what amazing experiences await you. Being prepared helps you say "yes" to those times with no guilt or fear of what it may be costing you. You have already paid the price.

Don't crush that free spirit of yours. Live in a way so that it thrives in a new and exciting way later on. Allow yourself to say "no" to some adventure now to be able to say "yes" to bigger and better adventures later.

Live free, life seekers!

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