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Finishing A Race

We have arrived at the onset of another weekend. Many times the sight of the finish line causes us to act as if we are already there. Today, we can be tempted to see Saturday and Sunday on the horizon and behave today as if Saturday was already here.

Today I encourage you to push past that feeling. Continue to earn the weekend by striving to accomplish all that you can today. You may find that it is easier to stay working on things today than it is to let yourself stop prematurely only to have to get started again later in the day.

In fact, there is a physics term for such phenomena. It's called inertia. It is the principle that objects or bodies that are at rest tend to stay at rest unless acted upon. Conversely, objects or bodies that are in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon. I believe this is true in our lives as well as the physical world. Our bodies want to remain at rest or in motion unless acted upon by our will or an outside driver like a looming deadline.

Thus, today I encourage and even challenge you to find new ways to remain "in motion" at your work. Whatever you are doing, find new ways to serve or get a jumpstart on a new project, or just continue to be diligent at your tasks today. Not only will you be serving your clients, customers, and employer well, you will also be reinforcing a better habit for your future.

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