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Financial Homelessness

Have you ever reached the end of a month and the money ran out two weeks ago?

If you have, it sucks to rely on friends, family, or credit cards to be able to pay for your necessities. Things like food, shelter, keeping the lights on, or even putting gas in the tank. This is an unsustainable situation, but not entirely unique. There are others that rely on other people and the kindness of strangers to supply their very basic needs.

Those who are homeless.

I'm not saying you are or are about to be homeless when you spend all of the money halfway through the month. However, I am pointing similarities out between them. In both situations you are reliant on others to either help or give you money to meet your basic survival needs. In both, there can be a sense of shame and guilt that comes along. In both, pretty much all of your energy can be consumed in worry and planning on when/where the next meal comes from.

Though, unlike physical homelessness, where you are completely without shelter or any kind of property to call your own, we each have our own bit of real estate that we can use to build a money house. Yes, each and every one of us that can earn an income already has the property available to build a money house and end our money transience.

The next job is to start building on that property so we have our own financial home that no one can take away. Stay tuned and on Wednesday we will break ground and pour the foundation of a money house!

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