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Financial Finish Lines

You know, I don't think we cross enough finish lines in our lives.

Oh sure, we have the big ones, perhaps graduating a grade, high school, or even college. Having children perhaps, getting a job, or even buying a car.

Since our focus is so much on the bigger goals/finish lines, we sometimes don't see the smaller races to be won.

This week, I encourage you to set up some smaller financial races to run. Set a goal for saving a certain amount of money. Place a limit on spending in a certain category for the month. Endeavor to pay off a small loan in the next month or two if you can.

Now setting those goals is all well and good, but what good will it be if you don't celebrate the win? Races wouldn't be very interesting if no one celebrated after they won!

After you set the goal, determine what your prize will be.

Will you see a movie? Does the family get treated to a pizza feast? Do you get to have a night out?

Now you have something to look forward to and drive toward instead of just plodding along until the next large goal is more within sight.

What are some goals and rewards you can set for yourself today?

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