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Fear and Habits Part 3

Have you ever seen any of the Invisible Man movies?

The terror in those movies depends on the fact that you cannot see the villain. He skulks around the area unseen, able to strike out an any time. How would you know he was there?

When things are invisible to us, as in we don't see them regularly, they easily pass out of mind. We don't think about them very often. This is a great detriment to accomplishing your goals. Our lives are so full of daily tasks, things at work, bigger projects we are working toward completion, families that need our attention. If you aren't intentionally reminding yourself of your goals, who will?

I challenge you to write down one or two goals that you are striving to achieve. Place them on a sticky note or a piece of paper that you then attach somewhere in your home that you see each and every day. Somewhere your eyes are drawn to so you can re-read it each and every day.

This repetition will help you keep those important goals in your mind as you go through your days and weeks. No matter what the goal is.

Imagine, what decisions you would make differently if you had daily reminders of the important things you are striving for?

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