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Fast Versus Intentional

Have you ever searched online for ways to raise your credit score quickly?

We are conditioned in our society today to look for the quickest way to get what we suddenly want.

Hungry? Tap a few buttons on your phone and later some food will be delivered to your door.

See something online you want? It can arrive at your door within the week.

Want to be entertained? Your streaming service of choice has options galore to fit your mood.

So we tend to also want things like our credit score to be raised faster, if not already be very high.

The issue is, trying to raise it quickly can get you into trouble. For instance, you can find guidance to open new credit accounts to help raise your score. Depending on how many you already have open, this may work. However, opening too many can also hurt your score because it shows you either are not careful about how much credit you want to use or it may signal your identity has been stolen.

Using your credit can be a way to help raise your score. Restrained, responsible use of your available credit shows dependability to the places that want to loan you money and charge you interest. Using too much of your credit shows possible issues with impulse spending and debt management. This can end up hurting your score.

I strongly encourage you to think more intentionally about raising your credit score. Ask yourself why you want to do this. Is it for something you truly value, or because you have a sense you are supposed to have a high credit score in this society? Will you own your credit score, determining it's upward or downward direction by your choices and will? Or will you let it control you, dictating your spending habits based on somewhat vague online advice?

For me, I have intentionally chosen to kick my credit score out of my life. It will no longer determine how or what I spend money on.

What will you choose?

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