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Emergencies Into Inconveniences

You may wonder about the benefits of any practicalities of building a Money House. What good does it do you? How is your life any better for having it?

Let's explore one area today.

Have you ever been in a position where you could cover a $500 emergency bill in cash within a few hours? For example, say you have a child that ends up spraining an arm or an ankle and you need to take them to an urgent clinic to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. Would you be stuck considering the choice between taking your child to get seen by a physician or not because you could not afford the bill in cash nor on top of your current debt?

Would you look toward payday loans or putting the bill on an already loaded credit card? Would you swallow your pride and ask friends or family for money, knowing it will change the relationship until you pay the money back?

Once you place the roof, your emergency fund, onto your Money House, these concerns become something else. Instead of the stress of deciding how to handle the emergency of taking your child to a doctor, you face the inconvenience of not having the $500 to do what you originally planned.

Instead of panic, you can feel slight frustration. Instead of the dread of possibly choosing to not get your kid treated, taking them to the doctor is a foregone conclusion. You are going to the doctor, today, and taking the steps to get your kid on the road to healing.

Having that roof, that completed Money House, allows you to retreat into it in times of stress. It gives you the sanctuary to evaluate the situation, determine the desired goal, then work the plan to accomplish it. All while the storm of the situation rages outside.

Without your Money House, you are doing all the same things, just in the middle of the storm instead of safely inside.

Is it time to finally build that Money House yet?

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