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Don't Overbuild

Many times when looking at our money situation, we want to jump ahead to the attractive parts like investing. Why shouldn't we put our money to work for us?

The issue comes when we haven't properly prepared ourselves for that. When a new building is being built, a full month or more can be taken just preparing the lot and pouring the new foundation. Leveling the land, digging into the earth, laying the underground wires and pipes, pouring the concrete, all of this is necessary to ensure the building is solid when finished.

If the foundation is not set in the ground well enough it washes away with a strong rain storm. It is more susceptible to wind storms as well. Good builders know to not rush through laying the foundation of a new building.

With your money house, the same is true. Before you start adding new features onto your money house, slow down and take the time to ensure your foundation is solid. Build a solid starter money house first as well. Then, you can strike out with more confidence that adding investing into your life won't endanger your livelihood.

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