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Costumes, Candy, and Commitment

Halloween is just over a week away. Sometimes it sneaks up on us, despite it being on the same day each and every year.

When you created your October budget, did you create a category for Halloween? Perhaps separate categories for candy and costumes?

If you did, excellent! The next thing is to ensure your spending stays within the limits you have set. I encourage you to remember that you set these limits with likely other goals in mind.

If you didn't set up Halloween budget items, then this seems to be a time when your commitment to your budget is tested. Will you add to it and move planned money away from other priorities? Will you add things like candy purchases into your normal food spending?

We often feel that boundaries like budget limits are unfairly limiting. I find that boundaries can greatly encourage creative thinking. Can you still make Halloween work within your budget limits, even if you didn't plan ahead?

I encourage you to try. You may fail (perhaps spectacularly) in the attempt. You may succeed brilliantly. You likely will fall somewhere in between. Whatever the case, I suspect you will feel better for exercising your willpower in service to something greater. Who knows, you may come away with stories that will last in your family for a lifetime.

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