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Continuing the Hunt

The hunt for new habits is a tricky business.

You must be cognizant of the habit you are trying to build while avoiding your bad habits.

Last week I challenged you to track every expense you had. Did you stay on the trail of your new habit? Did you succeed? Did the new habit so far elude you?

The challenge remains the same. If you are looking to feel more in control of your spending habits, then action must be taken. I encourage you not to give up on this if you had some setbacks last week. Get back to it and try again this week. While you do so, ask yourself why did you stop tracking everything?

Was it too difficult? Time consuming? Did some spending not fall into neat categories? Were some categories' limits broken so hard you wonder if they will ever work?

I encourage you to ask these questions and seek out honest answers from yourself. If you can, find an accountability partner to help you stay on track with this goal.

Keep at it. You can still do this.

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