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Consistent Versus Flashy

I am not an avid football watcher or fan. I've never understood the game well enough to truly appreciate a team's strategic decisions on the field. My preference is to see a good game with amazing plays. The bigger and flashier, the better.

Bigger and flashier doesn't mean successful.

I believe that the best football teams are the ones that are most consistently moving the ball down field into the opposing end zone. Steadily, intentionally, they gain yardage through smart running and short, on-target passes. The limited time allotted in the game is used to move toward the end goal of winning and not looking cool.

Flashier plays may look cool in the moment, but they don't necessarily consistently contribute to a win. A big pass down half the field looks amazing, but carries significant risk. Will the ball be on target? Will the receiver be in place to catch it even if it is on target? Will the defense protect the quarterback long enough for the intended receiver to make it far enough down field?

In our daily lives, we may long for the flashiness of a big paycheck or bonus. Shoot, if we get a tax return, that can count as well. But these big, flashy moments in our lives are like the big plays in a football game. It looks cool and feels good when it works, but you are less likely to win the entire game on that one play. Likewise, the big check is not likely to be the thing that finally gets you into financial freedom.

Like with consistent football teams, intentionally moving yourself and your family toward your end goal of financial freedom consistently is more likely to get you there. Making consistent and intentional choices to live on less than you make, stick to your budget limits, and save money will all help move you "down field" as it were to your end goal of financial freedom.

Are you willing to be financially boring in order to win?

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