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Choose Wisely

Last night I was having a conversation with one of my daughters. She has a mutually exclusive choice on what school to go to next year. Neither option is strictly wrong or right.

One school will have more of her friends attending. This means more comfort and familiarity as well as being a school one of her siblings has already attended.

Another school will have a program that she has been accepted into. She will face a new group of friends at a completely different school with a different, likely more difficult, curriculum.

Sometimes we let ourselves get bogged down into what is the "right" decision. School, funnily enough, trains us to get the right and correct answers all the time. We lose points if we make the wrong choices on tests. Later in life, our mistakes are characterized as "wrong" even when they aren't strictly so. It may have been an unwise decision regarding work to stay up two hours later watching a movie with my spouse, though the time spent was certainly not wasted nor the decision a mistake.

Perhaps we should consider that, as adults, a great many of our choices are not "correct" and "incorrect." In fact, making the "correct" choice may result in consequences we consider worse than if we had chosen the "wrong" thing. More often that we may like to admit, the wise choice is what helps us be more of what we are called to be. May that bit of knowledge help you today as you navigate the hard choices before you.

Whatever decision you have in front of you, choose wisely.

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