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Accepting Help

I have a confession to make. I'm a bit of a proud man.

One of my desires is to be of as much service to others as I can be. It even gets to the point where I am too proud to accept help sometimes from others. I want to be the one that can be depended on at all times.

The reality is that I cannot be that all of the time. We all have limitations. We are not boundless springs of energy, hope, or dependability. From time to time, we should allow others to pour into us. This serves as a two-fold blessing. In the first place, we are encouraged and refreshed in our spirit when someone else serves us. The act shows that we are valuable as a person and human being to the point where this other person wants to help us.

In addition, by accepting the help, we are helping the other person know the joy of serving someone else in a time of need. Whether it is a temporary emotional need or something more permanently tangible, when we give of ourselves to another we are blessed. It feels good!

Today, I encourage you to recognize your own limitations. When you feel spiritually empty and someone offers to serve you, I challenge you to humbly accept the offer. There is no shame in recognizing and accepting your limits.

Even in your time of need, you can still serve by allowing someone else to serve you.

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