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About That Hangover

The morning after Halloween. What a time to recognize how much indulgence can be painful the next day!

Though maybe you didn't help eat a container's worth of candy. If so, I applaud your restraint!

Like the post-Halloween sugar hangover, we often suffer from a money hangover after a time of great spending. Sometimes it's for necessities, sometimes it's for fun. I think everyone has made the mistake of spending too much and woefully regretting it the next day.

If that is you, I challenge you to take action to prevent this feeling in the future. Perhaps it's time to get someone to walk you through better money habits in your personal life. If so, schedule a complimentary consultation with me.

Next year, may you feel accomplished after Halloween because you prepared, instead of scrambling at the last minute to buy and afford the day's treats (or costumes).

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