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About Superpowers

I've been a big fan of superhero shows and movies for many years. Even now, I'm glad I can share a lot of the movies I've enjoyed growing up with my own children. This had got me thinking, do humans in reality have a superpower of our own?

When we think of superpowers, we likely think of strength, flight, perhaps invisibility as some of the go-to powers that define a superhero. While those definitely contribute to the success of Superman, or the Fantastic Four, there are other superpowers that can have even greater impact.

In Marvel Comics, there is a character named Franklin Richards. He is the son of Mr. Fantastic, or Reed Richards, the stretchy genius guy leading the Fantastic Four. His power is that he can manipulate reality to an almost unlimited extent. If he wants something, he can just manifest it out of thin air with a few thoughts.

Believe it or not, we as humans each have a similar superpower. While we can't make anything instantaneously appear like Franklin (a fictional character mind you), we can bring immaterial things into being. Allow me to give an example.

A house, as a building, doesn't exist naturally. There is not a world where trees spontaneously cut themselves into planks and plywood, nails are forged in volcanoes then shot into the wood in just the right way at just the right time to support walls. Concrete is not naturally formed and then flows down to a specifically square or rectangular depression in the ground to form a firm foundation. These things simply will not happen as a result of natural laws.

However, each of these things above can be done by humans. The house itself is only an immaterial idea until we build it. Through cooperation of expressing our ideas, utilizing our special talents and skills, and excellence in executing our tasks, a house is built. Something that only existed as immaterial data in our imagination is brought into reality through our manipulation of matter.

No, it isn't flashy or quick or as exciting as we might like it to be. Nevertheless, anything creative that we do as humans is, compared to the rest of creation, a miraculous manipulation of matter for the benefit of ourselves and our families.

If you are discouraged today or sometime this week, I encourage you to remember that you still have remarkable powers at your disposal. Perhaps it is time you walked through life knowing that instead of letting the world tell you something opposite.

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