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A Shedload of Money?

How much money do you wish to acquire?

One million?

One billion?

As much as you can?

Sometimes we just throw out these numbers because we really haven't thought of a solid answer for that question. Maybe we just focus on getting as much as possible and leave the upper limit as something to be discovered.

The thing is, gathering money just for the sake of larger numbers in a bank or retirement account doesn't really do you any good. Consider, if you will, a tool shed.

Say you have a tool shed that you have filled with tools. All shapes and sizes of tools. Hammers for any occasion to hit something to build or break apart. Screwdrivers of any imaginable length and head type.

Levels organized for measurements as small as ant houses to large enough check if the Statue of Liberty is still on the level.

What a spectacle that would be!

How useful would it be though? You have a tool for every scenario, but you may not know what scenarios you want to work with. It may be that you hate carpentry! Then these tools don't do you any good! Building larger and larger stashes of money without a strong purpose also doesn't help you.

Whether it is retirement or a new car, having a set goal for that stash of money gives purpose to your sacrifice. It helps you build a shed to hold what you truly want and value instead of just collecting things for the sake of collecting.

This week, I encourage you to think about what you want to stash cash away for. Be specific about it. Find out what it would truly cost. Investigate, discover, imagine. Bring that nebulous idea of "enough" out of your head and into reality with a number on paper and the purpose driving you toward it. You may find that building THAT shed feels less like work and more like dreams coming true!

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